What Feeds Us? From Beef to the Big Bang


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Two-part series: Mondays, April 4 and 18, 6:30 pm
Hybrid Option: In-person or Zoom, Shalom Spirituality Center
Facilitator: Sr. Meg Gemar

This two-part series takes a look at what inspires, awes, and keeps us going. Using the lens of both science and spirituality, we will integrate the scientific universe story and the spirituality of the creation story.

Part 1: From Beef to the Big Bang (and everything in-between). A look at what we eat and how each step of that good came to be back to the beginning of space-time.
Part 2: Not By Bread Alone. What else feeds our Matter-Energy or Body-Spirit? A sharing of the awe or wonder, and beauty that feeds us. The “WOW” moments in our lives.

Cost $30 for BOTH sessions; please register online at shalomretreats.org or by calling 563.582.3592 by March 31, 2022.