Reading That Matters: April Book Discussion with Eileen Miller, OSF


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Tuesday, April 2, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Virtual via Zoom

April book: Solito: A Memoir (2023), by Javier Zamora.
This important book refocuses the immigration debate by writing about, and from the perspective of the most important aspect of it – the people who leave home behind and risk everything to look for a better life in the United States. In this memoir, the poet Zamora chronicles his migration to the United States, a journey he made by himself at the age of 9, from a tiny village in El Salvador to Arizona; thousands of miles in all.
As touching as it is sad, and as full of hope and kindness as it is harrowing, Solito is the kind of narrative that manages to bring a huge debate down to a very personal space, bridging the gap between the unique and the universal in ways that make both look like one and the same.

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