Nature’s Beauty, Nature’s Healing: Flower Essences with Carol Bennington, PhD, BFRP


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Saturday, April 27, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Shalom Spirituality Center

Are you ready to replenish your soul, discover simple ways to de-stress, and develop a connection with the healing gift of flowers? You are invited to join this experiential retreat, in community with other like-minded participants, on the beautiful Shalom campus!

Flower essences (also called flower remedies) are subtle, non-toxic extracts of flowers, diluted and preserved in liquid. By harnessing the healing energies of these flowers, flower essences offer a gentle, holistic approach to emotional wellbeing and mind-body health. They promote a deep sense of vitality and harmony with Nature, and Carol refers to them as “Spiritual Vitamins”! Come join us to explore the art of flower essences in this playful and nourishing day-retreat.

Carol Bennington, PhD, has a passion for fostering awe and reverence for the natural world, and for facilitating personal growth. Through her mentoring programs, she empowers women to overcome anxiety, cultivate resilience, and embrace a more balanced and harmonious life.

Check-in for the day will begin at 8:30 am, with the program beginning at 9:00. Participants will need to bring a notebook/journal, writing implement, water bottle, and their curiosity. Dress comfortably and appropriately to spend some time outside during this retreat. A fresh-cooked and delicious lunch at Shalom is included as part of the day.

$60 per person; please register online at or by calling 563.582.3592 by Friday, April 19.