Essential Oils of the Body: Connecting God’s Word to Natural Healing with Jeani Heisz


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The parallels between God’s wondrous earth and universe and man’s discovery work together. These parallels are grounded in science and faith. Scientific evidence tells us that many essential oils are as effective as pharmaceuticals in easing pain and suffering. Faith tells us that these connections to the natural world go back thousands of years, as God intended. Strength is found by connecting the Bible’s wisdom with the formulation of these scents and therapeutic blends. This workshop will explain how essential oils can be used more effectively at certain hours of the day and incorporated with the chakras, reflexology, and acupressure points.

Jeani Heisz owns Head 2 Toe, an essential oil business based in Fennimore, WI. Head 2 Toe offers Jeani’s hand-crafted therapeutic blends, aromatherapy mists, attars (natural fragrance blends), therapeutic teas, and more! Jeani and her products are at the Dubuque Farmers’ Market and other farmers’ markets around the Tri-States.
$15 per person, please register online at or by calling 563.582.3592 by Friday, March 1.