July Programming

“Like a sunflower that follows every movement of the sun, so I turn towards you, to follow you, my God.”
~ John of the Cross

Join Us in July!

Shalom’s long-awaited 2nd Annual Wellness Fair will be on Saturday, July 13 from 10 am – 2 pm! Learn about the practices, tools, and resources local businesses offer to promote, improve, and maintain your overall well-being, then cap it off with something tasty from a local food truck!

Become a Part of Our Mission..

Volunteers are essential to our mission; without their boundless generosity, we could not exist.

Here at Shalom Spirituality Center, we are incredibly grateful to offer regular volunteer opportunities that make it easy for you, your business, or your organization to help make a difference in our community.

“It is in giving that we receive.”  ~  Saint Francis of Assisi

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Our mission, deeply rooted in the Sisters of St. Francis, includes sustainability as an important part of our everyday ministry. Sharing our part and reducing our footprint means stewarding our resources well. Therefore, we will no longer offer a print Shalom Spirit catalog. Instead, Shalom will share the program catalog via email and here on our website. If you would like to receive the electronic Shalom Spirit catalog, please click below to subscribe.
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Shalom Spirituality Center provides a variety of retreats and programs for persons of all ages, cultures, faith backgrounds, and religious affiliations wherever they currently are on their spiritual journey.
Shalom invites you to explore all offerings which include: group retreats, a variety of programs in person and online, mind-body-spirit classes, opportunities for creative expression, meeting room space for organizations, private retreats, and spiritual direction. All are welcome!




“Whenever I come to Shalom, I say it “feels like I’m coming home.” I was first welcomed to Shalom at a painful time in my life 25 years ago. I attended a weekend and immediately felt at peace. Shalom was a safe haven — a quiet, loving, spiritual place for me to rest, reflect, renew. Thank you! I am continually nourished at Shalom with educational programs, spiritual events, T’ai Chi lessons, book discussions, etc. The staff are helpful and welcoming, the food is delicious!”

— Bev Rech

“Shalom Spirituality Center is, for me, a nurturing place for my spirit. It is, above all, a place to escape the clutter in my life. It, too, generously provides a comfortable room wherein I take a monthly spiritual journey with a group of friends. It’s also a place to retreat and be guided by a wisdom figure. But, most of all, it’s an OASIS in which the sign, ALL ARE WELCOME IN THIS PLACE, might be hung above every door!”

–  Janaan Manternach

“Shalom has educated and inspired and formatted me in many ways! I have had some of my most inspiring life-changing moments in Shalom’s walls! My horizons have been broadened and I am more whole because of relationships built at Shalom! My distinctive experience has been that of living in the very building of Shalom and sharing life for the last 25+ years with Sr. Marie Therese, the foundress and first director! We pray together virtually daily for this God-space — that it may continue to be welcoming and a direct conduit to the God of all creation!”

—  Sr. Carol Hemesath

“You walk in, you feel the calm. You put your cell phone to sleep and your notebook away. In a matter of minutes you recognize you have arrived at a holy place, a place to replenish and reflect. I have attended many events at Shalom and each time it is evident how knowledgeable the presenters are and their genuine interest in the audience. The networking and exchange of ideas is more than by chance. Your arrival at Shalom is not a coincidence. You will never leave without feeling you have just done something very special for yourself.”

–  Kathy McDonnell

“In my life, retreats, videos about evolution, discussions, books through Shalom, days of prayer ever since Shalom’s beginning — all have been and continue to be a wonderful help to grow in my understanding of God’s awesome goodness and greatness. Shalom has helped move my faith from a child’s understanding to an adult faith. How differently I see God now, and have a happy heart living in God and God’s living in me — so One, so suffused in Love. Without what Shalom offers, I would not have had the opportunities to learn and grow in concepts that bring me great joy and freedom. My relationship to God and neighbor continues to move out of crippling dualism. Now I try to live in the present, this moment, this ever new experience of God.”

—  Sr. Ruth Elsbernd

“My first experience at Shalom Center was an overnight yoga retreat. I went for the yoga, but found the solitude, silence, and simplicity of the building to be exactly what I needed. It was the first time I found peace after losing my eight-year-old son, Jacob, to cancer. Later that year, I attended a grief retreat held at Shalom, and again experienced the peace I’d felt with my first visit. Simple things, like the request to pray for the next visitor while making up the bed with fresh linens, the homemade comfort meals, the scent of freshly polished wood, the rainbows of light that the stained glass windows cast upon the floors, and the silence of the empty chapel. I find that time at Shalom restores a piece (peace) of my wounded soul.”

— Elizabeth Flesher