Volunteer Opportunities

Shalom’s volunteers are essential to our mission, and without their boundless generosity, we could not exist.


We seek those willing to provide time & energy in service to the following areas:

  • Program/Retreat Presenters
  • Musicians/Singers
  • Gift Shop Organizers/Coordinators
  • Advisory Board & Committee Members
  • Kitchen & Dining Room Workers
  • Receptionists/Greeters
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance, Groundskeeping, & Yard Workers
  • Landscapers/Gardeners
  • Decorators For Holidays & Special Events
  • Preparers Of Brochures & Mailings
  • Drivers To Airports And Bus Stations
  • Volunteers in many capacities in the preparation for and carrying out of the annual Shalom Shenanigans fundraising event.

If you would like to share in the ministry of Shalom as a volunteer, we would gratefully welcome the gifts of your skills and kindness.


You will be a treasure to Shalom, and, hopefully, Shalom will enrich your life in return.


If interested, please contact Dana Koos, volunteer coordinator at: 563-582-3592.


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