Our company uses Shalom for our quarterly strategic business workshop. Our approach is to get away from the distractions of the office and Shalom offers an ideal facility for that. The accommodations are comfortable and the staff is very helpful. The food is great, but the most impressive thing is the quiet. You can actually hear yourself think. - Jeffrey D. Theis, Managing Member / President, Schieffer Co. International, L.C., Peosta, IA


Ann Wertz

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee, O Lord.”

– St. Augustine


For more than twenty years, I have experienced Shalom Retreat Center in many different and wonderful ways. For me, Shalom is a place and a way of being that invites everyone to find a restorative rest.

Most of us have lives filled with busy-ness and chaos.
At Shalom I find a place where I can rest in God.
There is hospitality and peace; a sense of belonging
and of the sacred. All of this has helped me achieve
a restful heart, a way of being.

This way of being does not stay at Shalom. It goes out from there. It goes with me to be shared with others. This shalom is intended to make our lives and the
world better. This is all a very good thing!


Marci Blum OSF Director

Shalom Retreat Center


“The word, Shalom, meaning peace,

is so Gospel-centered that Francis of Assisi

exhorted his first companions to greet

the people saying, “Peace to you.”


It is wholesome to be a part of this peace-filled, contemplative center. At Shalom Retreat Center,

we welcome all to experience the reflective spirit

and hospitality on these sacred grounds.”






Leo & Rosemary Mallie


     “Shalom has been . . .

a special part of our life for many years.
We have been touched by wonderful
spiritual experiences, learning
opportunities and social events.
Shalom is truly one of Dubuque’s treasures.”




Fr. Jack Paisley



. . . a place made holy, first by the

Franciscan Sisters and now by us, the

frequent visitors and participants in a

wide variety of programs and retreats.

How fortunate we are.”


Jim and Kay Brimeyer


“Through Shalom’s hospitality and

multiplicity of programs,

we have been enriched spiritually
on so many occasions over the past 20 years.

We are blessed to be a part

of the peace and goodness
Shalom Retreat Center brings to so many.”



Donna Wahlert


“Perched near a pastoral land, Shalom opens its doors to us – to a place of serenity and reflection.


We leave our busy-ness behind and are led to examine our inner landscape – the rivers that flow smoothly
and the rocky ground that must be dug up
to ensure a later harvest.


Shalom's programs, its ambiance, its very reason

for existing enrich our time there –
and our lives after we leave.”



Rev. John S.











“In this day and age, between busy schedules
and an increasingly mobile lifestyle,
a sense of place becomes very important.


Shalom Retreat Center is more than merely a historic facility which hosts or provides spiritual rogramming.


Shalom is an experience of place.

The spirit of Francis and the Sisters of Saint Francis
offer a stillpoint to an increasingly chaotic world.


Shalom holds out an alternative to the stress and

shifting sands of today’s living, and instead focuses

retreatants on living lives of faith and deepening

spirituality, which is life-giving and lasting.


This is probably one the many reasons friends

refer to Shalom as home.”



Board of Education

thank you note





"Thank you so much for your hospitality

and kind assistance during our Board workshop

in October (09). The facility and staff exceeded

our expectations."


Barb Meloy Callahan


“Shalom Retreat Center . . .

• provides a setting of peace and tranquility where the presence of God can be felt
• offers hospitality and hope for people of all denominations
• provides programs with a holistic approach
• offers me a chance to assist others who have experienced loss in their lives.”




A note

from an





“The warm hospitality; the quiet, still,

peaceful surroundings; the comfortable

living quarters; delicious meals and beautiful grounds have enabled me to “rest in the Lord.”






“Thank you very much for your hospitality

and cooperation during our recent work

session at Shalom. We appreciated the

opportunity to leave school

and come to a quiet place.

The accommodations were very suitable

and the meals great!”




Ed & Ruth




“It has been four years since we discovered Shalom.

Little did we know that the Franciscans

had put together a place where you can shut out

our noisy world and renew your mind, body, and spirit.


Some of the programs we have enjoyed are their

special dinners, yoga classes, retreats,

and prayer services. The leadership, staff, and volunteers work hard to create an atmosphere so you can, as we have, look forward to your next visit.”



A thank you from a

Religious Group




"Your facilities are wonderful, and your

hospitality a gift. We felt welcomed and

cared for throughout our stay."




Religious Group

that hosted a

spiritual gathering




"It was truly a blessed weekend -- and the

Shalom Center had a big part in making it so.

The accommodations are great --

the food absolutely delicious, and the people

at the Center so friendly and helpful.



A note

from a

vowed Women's

Religious Group




“Nothing was overlooked to make our retreat

a pleasant and memorable one --

from the warm and friendly hospitality,

the tasty and well-prepared meals,

to concern for our comfort and well-being.”



Dennis Heckelsmiller



“The Shalom Center is like a peaceful lake –
a place to unwind and ease the tensions
of day-to-day life.


With a little further exploration,
I discovered that beneath the surface,
there are whole new worlds to enjoy!”






"Things I Enjoyed"

Note from

a Retreatant






"The quiet room
The comfortable chair
The soothing music
The friendly greetings
The warm smile
The inspiring readings and books
The quiet, brisk walks."




In Prose and Poetry comment




“Shalom is like sitting in a rocking chair

wrapped in a quilt while outside a storm rages.

It is warm and safe and reassuring.

But, at the same time challenging.”






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