A Sacred Place of Historic Beauty





1881 - Motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters

1925 - Immaculate Conception Academy


1959 - ICA closed when Wahlert Catholic High School built


1959 - became a residence and high school for girls interested in joining convent


1964 - closed as a high school/residence for convent girls


1965 - became residence for semi-retired sisters and novitiates in their senior year

1989 - Shalom Retreat Center


2014 - renamed Shalom Spirituality Center


Built in 1881, the Shalom building had formerly served as the Sisters’ original motherhouse from 1881-1925, as a beloved academic institution for women (Immaculate Conception Academy) from 1925-1959, and as a retirement center for the Sisters.


When Shalom was founded in 1989, the Franciscan Sisters entrusted a treasured building with a rich history to a new and ambitious endeavor.





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